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Hunting Animals in Jungle II


Hunting Animals in Jungle2 Hunting Season is on its peak and you are ready with your sniper kit in this amazing hunt challenge craze game. Hunt down tons of animals in this beautiful jungle hunting game. Animal jungle hunting has been a dream for many game users but now its into your fingertips. Hunting Animals in Jungle2 is all about thrill & fun. Deer, Cow, Goat are smart and clever animals so to be a professional hunter you must have good aim and shoot skills while holding your breath. You are on a Animal hunting expedition of 2016 in a dense jungle snowy winter environment where you have to hunt deer in a specified time. In this Animal Hunting encounter your shooting and hunting expertise should be at par to win this immersive challenge while enjoying a best deer hunting experience in a beautiful and dense forest in a winter season kind of environment.Game has an ultimate experience of hunting Domestic, Wild and Forest Animals. All these animals are facing and watching any human first time in their lives so take the aim & shoot them instead of being hurt from them.This game is unique from other shooting games, because it has almost every type of animal to hunt. This game tests your energies, temper, courage and how good you are in anticipation and challenge.★★★Top Game Features★★★1. Dangerous and Realistic Jungle Environment2. Tough and Challenging Missions. to become a real sniper hunter hero in this 2016 hunting game.3. Multiple Missions ★ Multiple weapons4. Smooth Game play & Interface5. Great Animal Hunting Experience6. Domestic, Wild and Forest animals out there to hunt7. Hunting among multiple animals8. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt loaded with ordinary ammunition and weapon9. Multiple levels against each animal - easy to difficult10. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Forest
★★★ Game Play ★★★★ Select the endangered animal to target from Loin, Stag, wolf and elephant.★ Complete level by hunting all animals in that level to unlock next levels★ Take zoom shoot at target with Sniper gun; make sure animals are at your reach.★ You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to hit